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An Odor of Revenge ((1874, Ozark, Alabama) (The Life of Austin Hood))

So the question arises, just what has he been doing all these past years, these past ten-years? For a while he lived on the ‘Father of Waters,’ the Mighty Mississippi River, by Memphis, in a houseboat, and then near Nashville, which is by the Cumberland River. In case you have almost any questions relating to where by and tips on how to utilize Wall Mount Range Hood, you possibly can e mail us with the site. No long term residence, in Memphis he was in the only hospital in town, for poor folk, that cared for boat crews and transients for a spell-most folks said it was for some slight venereal disease called ‘the Clap.’

For most of the folks it seems this new reconstruction period has brought excitement, news, prosperity, with its manufactured goods, but to Hood it remains a hostile environment, he runs a small prostitution ring from his houseboat, with three girls. Or he did, until just recently.

Perhaps I can explain this prostitution thing a little better: the term used back then was ‘Women of the Town,’ a term excluding respectable women, such as housewives, in this case, those within the City of Memphis in particular, and its vicinity. Other than that, he’s kept them as mistresses, thus, in this case again, there has been no need for a City Medical Inspector, or medical certificates which cost $2.50, and another $10.00 for registry at the Mayor’s Office; although the money goes towards a New City Hospital, for the prostitution, this still has not made a difference to Hood, a dollar earned to him is a dollar earned. Often when he had come into the city, several women whom were housekeepers came to work for him for extra money, not kept women, as he had the three: Ewa, Agnieszka, and Miss Krysis (Miss Krysis being his favored; all under thirty when they had come to Mr. Hood, now in their mid thirties, all immigrants from Poland).

And so, this is where things are at, for the moment, or was, they will change in a jiffy:

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